Turn of events


Since my last post, basically everything changed…

I don’t know if I had already told you but my old computer broke, and my father showed up yesterday with a new one for me because I needed it for studying and things like that.

Also, my phone broke! But luckily, my neighbour Inês, who now has an iPhone 6, lent me her old iPhone 5c.

In terms of school, I changed my path completely. I signed up for the Spanish and for the MACS exams but I never had those subjects, which meant that I had to study those two on my own. That was hard enough but I’m only gonna repeat the Spanish one, because I didn’t do well in it. In case you don’t know, it’s hard to learn another language on your own… But after these exams, I can change to Languages and Humanities, which is the course I want to follow.

My love life also changed… but not for the better. Basically, a friend of mine realized that he was into me, and then he started to get close and…. I started liking him. Things started happening since we were into each other, but then we started arguing about dumb things… and then he said he was confused, so I told him to decide if he wanted to be with me or not but he never said anything. A friend of ours told me that he didn’t care about me anymore and a few days after that I was told that he was hooking up with one of his ex girlfriends. And now, our great friendship is ruined and I’m sad as fuck.

The thing is, it wasn’t very smart to let myself start to like him but, if you think about it, it’s not really something you can control… I’ve always known he was kind of a player but I thought that it could work out anyway. Even though I’m really sad about the end of whatever we had, I know that if I knew this was going to be like this back then, I would’ve done it anyway. Relationships are meant to end but, while they last, they’re completely worth it.

So yeah, life happened…

Thank you for reading my post! ❤


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