I Do Not Like Tests


How are you? I hope you’re good!

So, I received that math test I told you about and it turns out that it wasn’t that bad, afterall. It as a 11.2 (from 1 to 20)!! I don’t know how I did it, I really thought it was going to be worse. I don’t think I told you but ,for the first time in my life, I cried when I left the classroom, because I was feeling really crappy after screwing it all up. I know it sounds lame, it was just a test but I have been feeling like crap lately and sometimes you get to a point where you just can’t handle it…

Your grades can have a huge impact in your life, and mine are ruining my self confidence, along with some other things. The problem is, I know I can have good grades, I just can’t get enough motivation to study as much as I need! For example, I have a physics test tomorrow, and I haven’t studied that much, and even though I know it, I can’t study more because I’m always losing my concentration!! :/

I’m gonna try to study as much as I can for the other tests, even though Comic Con is just around the corner and I’m too excited to study!!!

Also, remember when I told you that I was gonna try to stop eating unhealthy food? Well, I failed, obviously… But I didn’t give up on trying to be healthy, I’m gonna continue to try!!

I think this is enough boredom for today (I’m not the one who’s bored, you are).

See you in a few days, byeeee ❤

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