Hello hello!!

How are you?

So, today I went to a little store with two of my friendies because we were super excited about Halloween and we wanted to buy some stuff, but when we got to the store, we realized that there was nothing cool left and I guess that means that Halloween is gonna suck this year. Oh and also, I had been trying to grow my nails so that I could paint them black and they’d be all fabulous and stuff but, two of them decided to break. Best Halloween ever!!!

You know that moment when you’re just scrolling down your youtube feed and then you stumble upon a video that can change your life? Well, that happened to me! I was all bored and sad because I had to study and then I found this video called “Motivation”. Since I wasn’t motivated to study, or for anything else really, I decided to watch it. When the video ended, I just felt like a different person!! I decided that I’m gonna do something to achieve my dreams, and since one of my dreams is to be all healthy and athletic, I’m gonna stop eating caloric things, like those really good cookies and chocolates you find in the supermarket at an incredible price. 😥

I know being healthy and athletic is hard (trust me, I know!!!!!), but this time I’m really gonna try! Thanks to Joe Weller’s video, I’m gonna try to have a calorie-free month, meaning that I’m not gonna eat the incredible cookies in November.

Thanks for reading this, and Happy Halloween!

Bye!! ❤

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